Custom Software Development

Khazana’s customized software web and mobile app development solutions are created to address your specific business needs better than any of-the-shelf solution out there

Through custom software development, you can develop superior software to get the advanced functionalities needed to stay current in the market while getting a better return on your investments. Since custom software is built to be compatible with your existing infrastructure, ensuring lower integration
costs and better flexibility and scalability

Web Application Development

We assist organizations to achieve total operational efciency and independence through our intuitive custom web applications

Our technology stack includes the newest technologies such as:

End-To-End Services

Design Standards and Testing

We strive for efciency in our custom web applications by subjecting them to accepted design standards and testing. In this way, we deliver our clients dependable web applicationsthat can be up and running from day one of implementation

Agile Practices

Since we follow the agile practices, this ensures that the projects are delivered to our clients within the stipulated time and budget

Maximizing Capability

Maximizing capability is one of our key priorities when developing web applications. We start by:

Understanding your requirements and bringing your ideas to life

Designing and developing the best customized products

Delivering functional, efficient and appealing products for your customers

Support and Maintenance

Developing the application is not the end. Our skilled team at Khazana developers customize, maintain, and re-engineer the applications to keep them up and running,on a par with industry standards

Application Enhancements

Configuration Management

Troubleshooting And Bug Fixing

Performance Management

Implementation, Code Review And Testing

Mobile App Development

Khazana Enterprise specializes in building enterprise cloud-native applications with microservices architecture, whether they are cross-platform apps, or hybrid apps

Mobile apps account for 70% of all digital media time. The increasing usage of mobile devices has unlocked doors to countless business opportunities. However, only 9%  of people will stay on a mobile app if it provides a poor experience, and these stats are alarming

Khazana Enterprise has years of experience in building enterprise cloud-native applications with microservices architecture. We build all types of mobile apps, from cross-platform apps to hybrid apps that need to effectively work across various platforms using the latest technologies, we have you covered!

High Quality Custom
Mobile App Development

Superior UI/UX Designs for
Enhanced User Experience

Consistent User Experience
Across Different Devices

User Friendly


Lower Training and
Support Costs

Real-Time Information
Access From Anywhere

Support, Maintenance and Upgrades

Developing an application is not the end. With the ever-advancing business requirements and security threats, applications need regular updates both in software as well as hardware. Our skilled team at Khazana developers customize, maintain, and re-engineer the applications to keep them up and running, on a par with industry standards

Application Enhancements

Configuration Management

Troubleshooting And Bug Fixing

Performance Management

Implementation, Code Review And Testing

Our Process

We observe a seamless process, from thorough preliminary research to maintenance & marketing, to ensure that a complete product is delivered to our clients

Planning & Analysis

We understand what you want, complete our preliminary research, and present you with the perfect solution. Our developers meet with you to gather requirements and data that could help us shape our solution


We build the information architecture and lo-fidelity prototypes that help you visualize the final product. We collaborate with you to design a wireframe that satisfies the client needs and then proceed to hi-fidelity prototyping


We choose the appropriate technology and framework to kickstart the development process. We practice agile development and believe in effective communication with the client through multiple project management tools that ensures transparency

Testing & Implementation

We evaluate our products rigorously to ensure that it is error-free and bug-free. We focus not only on AI testing but also a rigorous cycle of user testing. Following a successful pilot study, we implement the solution and provide training to the required personnel


Once our software passes through all the stages without issues, it undergoes a maintenance process where it will be maintained and upgraded from time to time based on security requirements, upgrades, and other evolving needs of your business

Digital Marketing & SEO

If our client chooses the option, we design a holistic marketing plan that compliments the process of SEO, which has become an industry standard. Using content that is search engine optimized increases the chances of finding visibility online

UI/UX Design

With our team of experienced UI/UX experts, we deliver comprehensive UI/UX Services that would delight your end users

Our UX team specializes in crafting beautiful designs that are seamless, engaging & economical

Information Architecture Planning

Logically organizing information of a system that is user-friendly, intuitive, and consistent. Our UX designers’ team builds the system, enabling the users to find easily and quickly what they are looking for

User Roadmap Design (Interaction Design)

Our UX design experts are well-versed in identifying such interactions and creating a roadmap of the system that is consistent with the information architecture, data flow, users’ expectations, and your business goals

Wireframes/Lo-f Prototyping

To visualize the system, we use a prototype or a blueprint which is known as wireframe. Our UX designers are experienced in designing the wireframes, which help to ensure that the right information is presented in the right way and in the right place

Hi-f Prototyping/Visual Design

The look-n-feel of a system is an equally important aspect, as well as well-organized information, architecture, and roadmap design. Graphics emphasize the aesthetics of a system which includes color, contrast, styles, fonts, images, navigation, animation and much more