Managed Services

Managed IT services are a way to keep your IT infrastructure and applications stable, cost-effective, and relevant to the evolving business requirements

Khazana is a dependable provider of remote monitoring, help desk, management and workplace modernization services for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud infrastructures. These managed services provide dedicated, professional expertise for managing even the complex aspects of your IT infrastructure, helping you stay focused on expanding your business.

Network Services

Cloud Migration

Every organization’s cloud transformation and cloud adoption journey is different, and Khazana caters to your specific needs in your cloud migration journey.

Regardless of your organization’s size or industry, we will help you to provide client-centered, ROI driven services, strategically planning and implementing a personalized cloud strategy for you. We provide end-to-end services, including:

Migration Assessment

Cloud Implementation Strategy

Cloud Implementation





Consulting for Intelligent Cloud Migration/Governance

Managed Services for
Peak Performance 24/7


Active Directory

Active Directory can store object related information on your network, making the data accessible to admins, as well as network users

The object related information on your network could include names and password, and other vital information.
This structured data store can be used to organize data in a hierarchal manner

Domain Services

Global Catalog



Lightweight Directory
Access Protocol (LDAP)


Query and Index


Microsoft Exchange

As a Gold Microsoft business partner, Khazana’s Managed Microsoft Exchange is a service that is run in the cloud and maintained by Khazana’s experienced IT team

The Managed Microsoft Exchange Service allows you to enjoy the software benefits of Microsoft Exchange without putting strain on your own technical staff

Workflow and Information

Single Sign-In For
Supported Applications

Built-In DLP (Data
Loss Prevention)

Outlook Email Access
From Different Devices

An Efficient Working
Environment That Automates Manual Tasks

Large Mailboxes

Automatic Archiving And
Policy-Based Retention

Email Content Analysis Tools
to Store And Audit Data

SharePoint Integration

An Easy to Operate
Management Panel

24/7 Support

Office 365

Having a Microsoft Office 365 subscription gives you to the updated versions of the Office Apps

The apps included in O365 These include Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, along with several other apps that are necessary for important business functions. With O365, you get 1 TB of cloud storage on OneDrive

Company-Wide Licensing

High Security Features

Latest, Updated Applications

Ideal Subscription Options/Plans

Easily Scalable

Great Collaboration Features

Mobile + Web Access


Khazana provides Khazana SD-Wan to customers through its Public and Hybrid Cloud functionality. SD – Wan is the wave of the future for connectivity and for hosting applications in the Cloud

Khazana SD-WAN is a Software-defined Wide Area Network that uses virtual WAN architecture. It leverages any combination of transport services – like MPLS, LTE, Internet, and broadband – to connect users securely to applications, anytime, anywhere, from any device. It uses a centralized control function to direct traffic across the WAN intelligently. Benefits of Khazana SD-WAN include:

Increased Productivity

Improved Security Posture



Reduced Costs


Enhanced User Experience

Fuller Bandwidth Utilization

Reduced Network Downtime

Increased Agility


Analytics and Programming

Simplified Network Management

Network Security


Cisco is the world’s biggest security company, and as it is Khazana’s partner, you can easily avail their coveted products

Unified Computing
System (UCS)

Application Centric
Infrastructure (ACI)

Routers & Switches

Cisco Security Manager

Email Security
Appliance (ESA)

Web Security
Appliance (WSA)

Content Security Management Appliance (SMA)

System (NCS)

Carrier Routing System (CRS)

Access Points

USB Wireless
LAN Adaptors

Wireless LAN
Controllers (WLC),
Wireless LAN Solutions
Engines (WLSE)

Wireless Control
System (WCS),
Location Appliances

Long Range


You can easily manage your multi-Cloud Networking environment with VMware’s Intelligent Automation and Application-Layer Visibility

Cloud Infrastructure

Remote Workplace


Network Visibility

Application Migration
And Mobility Platform


Full-Stack Network And Security Virtualization

NSX Distributed

Distributed, Scale-Out Internal

Enterprise-Class Service Mesh Technology
for Microservices

Network Insight

NSX Advanced
Load Balancer

Multi-Cloud Load
Balancing Platform

NSX Distributed IDS/IPS

IDS/IPS Solution

Container Networking

Signed Images And
Binaries with Full
Enterprise Support

HCX Workload Mobility


Fortinet is a market leader for network security, tackling the most critical network security challenges, whether it’s your mobile device, application, or entire cloud environment

Next-Gen Firewall

Hyperscale Security

DNS Security Services

Security Fabric

Intrusion Prevention

Secure Web Gateway

Automation-Driven Network Management

Natively Integrated Proxy

SL Inspection (Including TLS 1.3)

Automated Threat Protection