At Khazana, we leverage our expertise and the latest technology to provide our clientele with a wide variety of software and hardware products and services with a laser focus on their business needs


Khazana wants to bring the best cloud computing experience through its innovative hardware, software, cloud, and business process outsourcing solutions

Why Khazana?

Proven Track

Catering to esteemed organizations such as Rapid Silicon, Jazz, NTC, FC College, and Government of Pakistan

Strategic Partnerships

Public Private Partnership with National Telecom Corporation. Top Tier Partnerships with brands like Huawei, Visa, Microsoft, Oracle, G42 & VMware


20+ years of industry experience in
Professional and Managed Services

Caters to Every Industry




Public Sector


Oil & Gas

Advanced Technology

In-Country, Tier-3, PCI.DSS Compliant Data
Center with State-of-The-Art Infrastructure

Nutanix HCI (Hyperconverged infrastructure,
rated as #1 on GMQ global list)

Pakistan’s First Commercially Available
High-Performance Computing Cluster (HPC)

What We Do

Unlocking Your Digital Future

Utilizing Pakistan’s Skilled Labor Force

  • Pakistan produces at least 10,000 IT graduates every year, and currently has at least 300,000 IT professionals
  • Pakistan ranks 4th on a global scale for freelance software development
  • Khazana is hiring IT professionals for prestigious projects, we are utilizing our vast potential to make an international impact – using our own local talent

Khazana Introduces Pakistan’s First Commercially Available HPC (High Performance Computing) Cluster

  • By combining the power of a 300+ virtual CPUs, we ensured a fast and seamless experience
  • It uses the high computing power of HPC that’s 30x faster than your average server. However, the usage of this HPC doesn’t stop here.
  • People are using HPC to reach unparalleled levels of performance in every industry such as:
    • Finance – Running apps smoothly, analyzing mass volumes of data and detecting credit card fraud
    • Engineering – Using simulations to test heavy machinery designs like airplane parts
    • Mining – Finding oil and gas deposits
    • Agriculture – Finding a new formula for a fertilizer
    • Media – Create complex special efects or have non-stop streaming options
    • Architecture & Urban Planning – Data-driven activities such as trafc/weather patterns, population, and land usage demographics

In Country Data Centers

  • Khazana has Tier 3, PCI.DSS Compliant Data Centers that can help Pakistan keep its critical data within its borders

  • The Nutanix HCI hardware that Khazana has is rated as #1 on the GMQ (Gartner Magic Quadrant, December 10, 2020) global list

Operating Pakistan’s First Unifed Emergency Helpline

  • Pehel 911 is Pakistan’s first and only unifed helpline for all types of emergencies
  • In collaboration with NTC (National Telecommunication Corporation), Pakistan
  • This venture is part of Digital Pakistan Initiative, and it is a joint venture of the Ministry of Information Technology & Telecommunication and the Ministry of Interior
  • The first and only call centers in Pakistan where the callers’ ID, latitude and longitude, and pinpoint location is revealed using LAC and BTS technology
  • Partnered with Google Maps and TPL Trakker LTD
  • 1000+ employees at 8 locations across all provinces in Pakistan for Pehel 911

We Offer World Class Services

  • Khazana provides their customers with end-to-end cloud solutions. This means that you don’t need to look for other third parties or hire resources to resolve your IT requirements. You can get a complete solution from one place

  • Khazana specializes in cloud computing, which includes IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service)

  • Besides product/service delivery, we provide ongoing 24/7 support, as well as cyber security to ensure that your IT infrastructure isn’t just up and running at the highest efficiency, but also secure and functional at all times

Our Core Values





Our Customers

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