Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks are expected to double by 2025. However, the rate of threat detection is 0.05%. Khazana boasts an array of security services to protect you from cyber threats

With cyber security, it’s not about if the security breach happens. It’s about when it happens, and many organizations are not ready for a security breach, which could compromise them on many fronts

Security is complex since the threats keep evolving and getting more and more advanced. A solution that worked before will not work now. Therefore, Khazana offers the most
advanced technology and techniques to tackle with cyber security

Managed Vulnerability Risk Assessment

Internal Vulnerability

External Vulnerability

Host-Based Vulnerability

Managed Detection & Response

Unrivaled protection

Constant Monitoring

Security Experts

Reliable Support

Governance & Risk Compliance

Ethical Business
Strategy Management

Identifying, Categorizing,
And Implementing Risk
Management Strategies

Ensuring Organizational
Adherence to Standards,
Best Practices, And Laws

Security as a Service

Flexible Subscription- Based Solution

Cloud Managed

Single SKU to Order, Eliminating Product Sprawl

Quick Configuration And Deployment

Identity and Access Management

Multi-Factor Authentication
And Password Management

Role-Based Accessibility

Smart, Automatic

Compliance & Audit

Valued Partnerships for Cyber Security


Active Directory can store object related information on your network, making the data accessible to admins, as well as network users

The object related information on your network could include names and password, and other vital information.
This structured data store can be used to organize data in a hierarchal manner

Next-Gen firewall

Hyperscale Security

DNS Security

Security Fabric

Intrusion Prevention

Secure Web Gateway

Automation-Driven Network Management

Natively Integrated Proxy

SL Inspection (Including TLS 1.3)

Automated Threat Protection


You can easily manage your multi-Cloud Networking environment with VMware’s Intelligent Automation and Application-Layer Visibility

Cloud Infrastructure

Remote Workplace


App-Centric Network Visibility

Application Migration And Mobility Platform


Full-Stack Network And Security

NSX Distributed Firewall

Distributed, Scale-Out Internal

Enterprise-Class Service Mesh Technology for Microservices

Network Insight

NSX Advanced Load Balancer

Multi-Cloud Load Balancing Platform

NSX Distributed IDS/IPS

Software-Based IDS/IPS Solution


Signed Images And
Binaries With Full
Enterprise Support

HCX Workload

Network Security


Cisco is the world’s biggest security company, and as it is Khazana’s partner, you can easily avail their coveted products

Unified Computing
System (UCS)

Application Centric
Infrastructure (ACI)

Routers & Switches

Cisco Security Manager

Email Security
Appliance (ESA)

Web Security
Appliance (WSA)

Content Security Management Appliance (SMA)

System (NCS)

Carrier Routing System (CRS)

Access Points

USB Wireless
LAN Adaptors

Wireless LAN
Controllers (WLC),
Wireless LAN Solutions
Engines (WLSE)

Wireless Control
System (WCS),
Location Appliances

Long Range

NOC as a Service

Khazana has established a Network Operation Center (NOC) for cloud support service, which fully covers data protection aspect

Maintaining and managing network requires a great deal of expertise, resources, and time. Organizations prefer to allocate their resources for projects that align with their revenue generation plans. This usually involves being able to detect and prevent any issues related to network or its

Khazana’s NOC fully covers data protection, with multiple industry proven methodologies to assure customers with reliable data recovery options. Our specialists proactively monitor and maintain the health of your private cloud

24x7x365 Support

Data Protection

Remote Office Data Protection

Industry Proven Methodologies

Data Recovery


Back-Up Monitoring And Daily Reports