Cloud Computing

Khazana provides a suite of cloud computing products and services which includes the use of virtual cloud servers, dedicated servers, blueprints, network, and application services in a multi-tenant service data center environment

Our primary cloud computing products/services include:

We provide you the infrastructure, including space and power, compute resources, storage resources, virtualization operating systems, networking resources and the use of the control portal and API for provisioning and managing your cloud infrastructure needs

Financial Cloud

Dedicated Financial Cloud by  Khazana 

Migrate Cloud Services to the Cloud

Computing, storage, & network resources isolated on multiple levels

Leverage Security and Disaster Recover Options

Access financial data and applications from anywhere, anytime, from any device

Tenants can exclusively use physically isolated resource pools

Huawei FSI Cloud:

Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, shaping the future of digital economies by providing smarter, greener, and more inclusive financial services to millions of people around the world. 


Best Mobile Money Offering and Financial Platform

2 Future Digital Awards in Fintech & Payments from Juniper Research (2021)


Number of Huawei’s fintech active users increased by 30% year-on-year to 110 million

Total transaction amount processed increased by 50% year-on-year to 300 billion USD in the past year

Core Features

Robust features, infrastucture and architecture transformation

Powerful accelerator for mobile money success

Main Offerings

Mobile Money

Digital Banking

Digital Payment

Digital Interaction

Key Technologies

Cloud Computing
Big Data

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Blockchain Technologies

Main Benefits

  • Individuals and businesses can manage their finances remotely, safely and securely.
  • Government and non-governmental organizations can quickly transfer financial assistance to vulnerable groups and to raise donations for disaster relief efforts.
  • Overdraft services that allow users to pay with a credit loan when their balance is insufficient, and the credit loan is automatically returned after the top-up.

Public Cloud

Basic Secure Model (default security applied at perimeter/core level)

Customized Secure Model (virtual
appliances with dedicated paths)

Customized Secure Model with
BOYL (bring your own license)

Private Cloud

Predictable Performance and Security (while simplifying software licensing) 

Dedicated Hardware (on-prem OR co-located @ tier 3 data centers) 

Hardware on Demand (for cost savings and scalability) 

Guaranteed Service Availability (for cloud-based infrastructure)

End-To-End Cloud Computing Services

Multi-layer Protection (for systems & data) 

Data Encryption at Rest (using industry Standard AES 256 algorithm) 

Optimized (throughout the stack for optimum speed) 

Superior Uptime (with load balancing & redundancy) 

Option to Build DR (disaster recovery in different regions) 

Experts to Monitor and Manage Your Infrastructure 24×7 

Our Support Team is Available 24/7 

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) 

Virtual Machines

Khazana’s virtual machines make it possible to run an entirely different operating system, like a separate computer, in an app window on your desktop

Khazana’s VMs can run in a separate window in a completely different computing environment and even on a separate operating system on the same computer It can also function as the entire computer, without different the computer’s primary operating system

The main difference between your average computer and our virtual machine is that the components of a Virtual Machine, or VM, exist as a software code stored and run within a dedicated space on our host computer and/or a remote server. This VM is typically a file, also known as an image, since it mimics an actual computer

Configuring/Deploying a Standard Computing Experience (with applications to multiple employees) 

Creating a Safe Environment for Testing (or dealing with virus infected files) 

Trying Out a New Operating System (like Windows on a Linux computer) 

Using Test Environments (for running beta releases) 

Using Different Operating Systems (for different purposes/projects) 

Running Back-Ups (for securing data) 

Accessing Virus-Infected Data (or running an old application by installing an older OS) 

Running Software or Apps (on operating systems they weren’t originally intended for) 

Virtual Machine Scale Sets

With Khazana’s Virtual Machine Scale Sets, creating and managing a group of load-balanced VMs becomes possible

It becomes hard to handle a large number of VMs, especially with varying workloads, especially for eCommerce platforms or for functions that require processing high volumes of data while also ensuring equal process distribution across many VMs. 

To be able to manage Virtual Machines (VMS), several web servers and application servers would have to be used. Managing so many separate machines can be difficult. Virtual Machine Scale Sets allow you to create and manage as many virtual machines as you want, with consistent configuration and reliable performance

Easy Creation and Deployment of Multiple VMs 

Manage Multiple VMs (up to thousands) 

Reliable Resiliency 

Consistent Configuration 

Reliable Performance 


Simpler Network Administration 

Dockers and Container Clusters

Containers allow for a containerized environment, letting your code to run in any environment when the software is moved to another system. With Dockers, you can virtualize several containers

When moving any software or application from one environment to another (e.g., between systems, etc.), the software may not work reliably or properly. In a similar way to how virtualization works, containers solve this issue by working with the software in a sophisticated, containerized environment which allows the code to run in any other environment.

However, when a large number of containers are involved, things might not go as smoothly, seeing that communication between containers across hosts will need to be effectively facilitated. Dockers is an open-source software platform where containers are virtualized under a standardized operating system, with all the tools to create,
deploy and manage virtualize applications.


  • Feasibility, as it can be run in any OS
  • Streamlined operations for
    software teams
  • Efficient infrastructure utilization
  • Scalability
  • Speed, since the lack of system
    images cuts down on data storage
    and licensing costs


  • Easily share resources
  • Cost effectiveness, since standard servers won’t be used
  • Faster migration
  • Easy app maintenance
  • Fewer software dependencies
  • Better security

Virtual Desktops - Desktop as a Service

A Hosted Virtual Desktop HVD, in contrast to any regular computer, will have all the customer applications and data stored in a central server

The server where the applications and data for the Hosted Virtual Desktop may be located within the organization or in the data center of a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like Khazana. Khazana offers it’s very own, tailored, flexible, and secure solution for HVDs. To begin using your dedicated Khazana Workspace, you will need to do the following:

Enter the provided URL or visit Khazana’s official website

Login using the unique
user credentials

Once you have full access, you can
access your data and applications
from any location at any time

Your HVD remembers where you
left at your previous login and lets
you start your work right
from where you left off

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

Khazana Managed Postgres

Khazana PostgreSQL is an open source, object-relational database. It is specifically built with, speed, data integrity, and extensibility

Khazana Managed Postgres is fully ACID compliant due to its concurrency support. It also supports dynamic loading and catalog-driven operations, letting users customize functions, data types, etc


Free Daily Back-Up 

Easy Set-Up 

Reliable performance

Automated failover


Database Management: REDIS and Memcached

Memcached is an open source, distributed memory object caching system. Redis by Khazana is a fully managed in-memory NoSQL database, deployable in the cloud

The purpose of Memcached is to alleviate database load. This increases the speed of dynamic web applications, while Redis by Khazana is a fully managed in-memory NoSQL database, deployable in the cloud. You can integrate it into your existing workflows with the click of a button, automating away the mundane, manual tasks

Save Time 

Save Costs 

Leverage Higher Speeds 

Increased Reliability 

Better Efficiency 

Reduced Database Load 

Better Application Functionalities 

Managed SQL Server

With Khazana’s Managed SQL Server you can free up your IT resources for other essential activities, giving you redundancy and high availability.  

We specialize in building, hosting, and scaling SQL server environments to adapt to ever-changing demands. Whether you run a single server or a complex SQL cluster, Khazana is here to help maintain your SQL presence for optimized performance. 

Khazana is uniquely positioned to build hosted SQL clusters in our data centers with always-on, high availability failover SQL clustering built into your key components, with multiple database instances clustered together will mitigate downtime. 

Our experienced engineers can help you achieve aggressive uptime SLAs for your mission critical SQL database instances by building active-standby or active-active SQL server clusters in fully managed environments

SQL Database clustering is a service that can scale with virtually no application downtime, especially when the requirements for your application grow from a handful of devices and customers to many. 

SLURM Workload Manager

SLURM is a utility for HPC workload management, used for managing compute jobs on High Performance Computing Clusters. 

SLURM Workload Manager, besides managing compute jobs on HPC clusters, can start multiple jobs on a single node, or a single job on multiple nodes. Additional components can be used for advanced scheduling and accounting

Flexible (with plugin functionality that can support various interconnects and resizable jobs) 

High Performance (with the ability to accept 1,000 job submissions per second and fully execute 500 simple jobs per second) 

Open Source (GNU General Public License) 

Portability (written in C with a GNU auto configuration engine) 

Power Management – Job can specify their desired
CPU frequency and power

Fault Tolerant – can function despite system failures

Status Jobs to help in identifying load imbalances, etc

IoT as Service

Khazana’s Internet of Things (IoT) consists of an ecosystem of computing devices, technology, and objects, that can transfer data over a network automatically

Khazana’s IoT SaaS services help simplify the complexity and expense of deploying IoT. This is done by offering platforms with features such as scalability, real-time data capture and machine learning. IoT devices are everywhere — from manufacturing and farming to healthcare and wearables

The transfer of data over the network does not need manual interaction with the technology. An example is a heart monitoring implant or sensors in cars to alert drivers when there’s
low tire pressure. This is down by assigning the living or non-living object with a unique IP address, designed to sense and transfer specific data over the network

Improved the customer experience

Time saving

Increased employee productivity
due to automated tasks

Easy access to information,
anywhere, any time

Quick transfer of data packets
over a connected network

Reduced risk of error
due to automation

Nginx as Service

Nginx is a powerful server application used for network traffic as a reverse proxy. Khazana leverages its capabilities to ensure that your network trafc is not slowed down

Most enterprise architectures use a single, reverse proxy server to handle all incoming requests. The proxy server then inspects each HTTP request and identifies which backend system, be it an Apache, Tomcat, Express or NodeJS server, that handles the request. The reverse proxy then forwards the request to that server, allows the request to be processed, obtains a response from that backend server, and then sends the response back to the client

This entire process could be slowed down if the network trafc becomes a hindrance, and Khazana’s expertise come in here, to make sure that there’s no delay or inefciency

Reverse proxy




FastCGI support

Load balancing


Management of static files and index files


SaaS (Software as a Service/Subscription Services) Products

More and more companies are now going for SaaS- but why? If own or run a company, your employees will be using devices, but devices don’t run without applications! You need to buy licenses for these business applications, and then configure, install, and run them into each system

Khazana provides you with SaaS applications. These are already configured, installed applications on our own infrastructure. It’s a very cost-effective option with subscription
pricing/based model- so you pay for exactly the number of licenses you are using- not more, not less. It saves time, as there’s no need for configuration and installation, which greatly increases your time to value, and you will also always get the latest versions of applications, while having the ability to easily increase or reduce the number of licenses, since it’s a subscription model

Access to updated applications
on our infrastructure

Cost efective – subscription
pricing model

Time to value- no need for
confguration and installation

Scalable – easily adjust
the number of licenses


Khazana Learning Management System (LMS) is a platform that helps you manage and facilitate a stress free and user-friendly virtual learning experience

With the onset of e-Learning on the rise, many tutors, parents, and students have realized the importance of an efficient LMS. Although most LMS users are aware of the essential functions for an LMS, many LMS systems only cause frustration for them, with difficulty in navigating the dashboard and in performing even basic functions like conducting online classes, recording, tracking, documentation, and administration

Since usability is a top priority for an LMS along with its functionality, our UI developers at Khazana work hard to make sure that LMS users have an intuitive and glitch-free experience

An intuitive user interface

Glitch-free virtual instruction/ demonstration tools

Integration with new
and existing systems

Mobile optimization

User friendly reporting tools

Grading tools

Flexible online
assessment capabilities

Easy and secure user authentication and data-access options


IT Services account for an estimated 70%- 80% of IT expenditure. Khazana IT Service Management tool (ITSM) is used to streamline IT service processes like designing, planning, and delivery by automating them

Khazana ITSM reduce costs, streamlines vital functions, and increases business value by making it easy for different departments and tools to work in harmony with each other, without any interruption, speeding up all the processes, and boosting your progress to quick, informed decisions or issue resolution

Khazana ITSM, with powerful service desk capabilities, is designed to facilitate your company’s staff to provide services with requisition, authorization, and approval as per
your set timelines and process flows

Increased Operational

Rapid Service Delivery

Improved average
response time

Better visibility through

Minimized and errors and
risk due to automation

High-Quality Services

Reduced Cost

Employee satisfaction

Increased productivity

Enhanced customer

Maintenance of
High-Quality Service


Khazana Enterprise Resource Planning tool (ERP) is used for fnance management and decision making, by streamlining business data and automating business functions

Common challenges organizations face are data accessibility, tracking customer and employee data, and being stuck with lots of manual tasks. These lead to further disorder,
such as difficulty managing finances and with decision-making

96% organizations have achieved ROI in their expected time by implementing ERP. Khazana helps clients by providing them with high-standard ERP solutions by leveraging
Oracle applications to improve their business processes, enhance decision-making capabilities and achieve value-driven digital transformation

Streamlined data
management system

Improved internal

Higher information

Efficient analytics

Accurate reports

Improved and precise

Improved productivity


Khazana Human Resource Management System (HRMS) automates recruitment, onboarding and other HR tasks, helping to manage them efficiently. This can save up time investment for onboarding by 50%, while self-service provided HRMS reduces time investment on HR’s part by 40-60%

Nearly 70% HR professionals agree that executing HR processes efficiently within a limited budget, resources, time, and technology is today’s top HR challenge. Khazana HRIS portal allows the HR to focus on more productive tasks, such as implementing key organizational strategies, reducing costs and increasing productivity and revenue

Khazana HRMS makes it possible to reduce time wasted on repetitive tasks or sorting through countless tasks, emails, paperwork, and spreadsheets

Applicant tracking

Workforce planning





Human resource

Job analysis
and design




Khazana Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a tool used to maximize ROI by managing sales cycles and customer relationships and interactions, whether they it’s for regular customers or prospects.

For every $1 spent, the average ROI on CRM is $8.71 as well as 87% sales improvement, 74% better customer satisfaction and 73% better business efficiency

Khazana provides custom CRM solutions to empower organizations and sales teams achieve to achieve success and maximize profitability by implementing tested and proven solutions to your business challenges. Using these solutions, you can track in real-time “suspect-to-prospect” or “quote-to-cash” fow of their business

Streamlined sales cycles

Increased sales

Improved customer service and customer retention

Automated sales reports

Detailed analytics

Efcient lead generation

Higher efficiency in lead
generation and sales forecasting

Centralized system for all
sales related information


With Khazana’s digital Know Your Customer (KYC) solution, verification can be done in a couple of minutes for services like banking and telecommunication. It is integrated
with Pakistan’s NADRA system

Identity verification is one of the most crucial steps to register for any banking or telecommunication service. The process must be thorough and accurate, both on the customer’s side and for the organization’s side. However, retrieving that information can be troublesome, and it usually hinders customers from registering

Khazana’s digital Know Your Customer or KYC solution, verification can be done in a couple of minutes. Khazana’s KYC system is integrated with Pakistan’s NADRA system, using highly advanced technology to ensure the accuracy of the information, as well as the convenience on the customer’s side

Compliance with SBP’s guidelines and KYC mandates

Interface with NADRA for
verifcation via API & BVS

Interface with PMDA portal for Mobile Number validation against CNIC

Four Finger NADRA BVS via native mobile camera, using industry leading Tech5 algorithm

Face Matching with captured photo via app with NADRA provided image

Liveliness check

Geo Location coordinates
of app user location

Original CNIC validity –
CNIC security features

Account type selection as per Bank’s requirement

Acceptance of Undertaking, Agreement and T&C as per Bank’s requirement

Option to trigger Live KYC (As per Bank’s compliance requirement) and its recording