Khazana Enterprise & Rafay Systems Partner to Bring the Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform to Financial & Multinational Companies in Pakistan

Khazana Enterprise, a leading digital and IT services provider in Pakistan, announced its partnership with Rafay Systems, a leading platform provider for Kubernetes Management and Operations. The partnership will extend the adoption of Rafay’s Kubernetes Operations Platform (KOP) to Finserv and multinational companies in Pakistan. Together, Rafay and Khazana Enterprise will help enterprises leverage the […]

The ROI of AI-Powered Outsourcing: A Comparative Analysis of Business Outcomes

Whenever a new technology is introduced into the market, all the businesses react to it. This, in turn, affects their return on investment and business outcomes.  AI has been making it into the headlines lately, and companies aren’t sure how to respond to it. However, before AI adoption hit the headlines, companies like Amazon, Starbucks, […]

Significance of Khazana’s & Huawei’s Cloud FSI Partnership for Pakistan

On 5th April, Khazana Enterprise, and global technology giant, Huawei, signed an MoU to establish the first-ever Cloud Financial Services Infrastructure (FSI) in Pakistan. Khazana Enterprise has already onboarded 2 digital banks as their new customers, demonstrating the potential of the fintech cloud platform to transform the financial industry in Pakistan.  There was an elaborate ceremony […]