The Impact of IoT on Industries: Revolutionizing Healthcare, Agriculture, and More 

The Internet of Things has presented us with new possibilities for innovation. IoT technology has revolutionized patient care, empowered farmers with data-driven decisions, and improved resource utilization across various industries. As IoT continues to evolve, its influence will undoubtedly shape the future of countless sectors, offering solutions to age-old challenges and unlocking new opportunities for growth and sustainability.

Scalability in Web App Development: Meeting Growing User Demands 

Scalability is essential for web apps that want to meet growing user demands and reduce costs. By designing web apps with scalability in mind, developers can accommodate surges in user activity without sacrificing speed and responsiveness. Some strategies for leveraging scalability include scalable infrastructure, load balancing, and efficient resource allocation.

Unlocking the Future: Exploring the Transformative Power of FSI Cloud Solutions 

Cloud Solutions in Fintech   In the dynamic world of finance, the winds of change are blowing stronger than ever, reshaping the industry, and redefining the way we interact with money. Amid this transformative wave, one technological innovation stands tall: cloud solutions. Cloud used for financial services by organizations jumped from 20% to 31% from 2019 […]

FSI Cloud Revolution: Paving the Path to Financial Innovation in Pakistan 

A game-changing force is shaping the financial services industry (FSI) in Pakistan: the rise of cloud computing, which is rapidly becoming the cornerstone of progress within the FSI. However, while its popularity surges, the financial sector’s readiness to fully embrace this technological wave remains a matter of careful consideration.  Current State and Progress  The allure […]

The Role of Resource Augmentation in Agile Development 

The standard or waterfall methodology for software development projects can often lead to somewhat of a nightmare scenario. An agile development solution would solve most challenges you could face in a typical scenario with standard software development. These challenges usually come up in the following forms:  Agile development is a flexible and iterative software development […]

Why Custom Software Development is Essential for Digital Transformation?

Take a moment to think about your business. Could you honestly say that your business follows the exact same business processes as your competitor? If it’s not the same, then why do some of us settle for generic software solutions that do not align with our unique offerings? Every business, regardless of its industry or […]

Khazana Enterprise & Rafay Systems Partner to Bring the Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform to Financial & Multinational Companies in Pakistan

Khazana Enterprise, a leading digital and IT services provider in Pakistan, announced its partnership with Rafay Systems, a leading platform provider for Kubernetes Management and Operations. The partnership will extend the adoption of Rafay’s Kubernetes Operations Platform (KOP) to Finserv and multinational companies in Pakistan. Together, Rafay and Khazana Enterprise will help enterprises leverage the […]

The ROI of AI-Powered Outsourcing: A Comparative Analysis of Business Outcomes

Whenever a new technology is introduced into the market, all the businesses react to it. This, in turn, affects their return on investment and business outcomes.  AI has been making it into the headlines lately, and companies aren’t sure how to respond to it. However, before AI adoption hit the headlines, companies like Amazon, Starbucks, […]

Significance of Khazana’s & Huawei’s Cloud FSI Partnership for Pakistan

On 5th April, Khazana Enterprise, and global technology giant, Huawei, signed an MoU to establish the first-ever Cloud Financial Services Infrastructure (FSI) in Pakistan. Khazana Enterprise has already onboarded 2 digital banks as their new customers, demonstrating the potential of the fintech cloud platform to transform the financial industry in Pakistan.  There was an elaborate ceremony […]